African Print Quality Kitenge Fabric - 100% Cotton 6 Yards Long.

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These Kitenge fabrics are perfect for those who love African wear. They can be used to make Skirts, Dresses, Coats etcetea

The Fabric makes beautiful dresses, shirts and other body wear whose style is becoming increasingly popular

Size 5.5 meter by 47 inches (6 Yards)

For example The African style dresses that are popping up are all so beautiful and elegant. The vibrant colors of the African prints also known as the Ankara print or kitenge prints produce the most stylish fashion pieces.

Ankara dresses are such bold statement dress pieces. For me, to dress with African print should not be a big hustle. In fact, it’s the easiest when it comes to its styling.

The colors of the print dresses makes it easy to get accessories to match with the style.

Take a look at our fabrics.. You will love them!.


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